Asia Expat Pool Challenge 2012

Support the Asia Expat Pool Challenge – buy a shirt and it is your ticket to the meet and greet party on Friday, 14 September (free food, courtesy of The Game and Hillary Group, free beer, courtesy of Thai Asia brewery), and the event on Saturday, 15 September (free food and softdrinks, courtesy of the Westin, free beer, courtesy of Heineken). Well worth the 1000 baht!

Top 5 Convertible Pool Tables for Luxury Homes

Minimalism and sleek designs always had always appealed the interior designers and the home owners. And, minimalism combined with multi-functionality is currently trending the interior design world. Many furniture companies are involved in creating such designs that are elegant as well as useful in more than one ways, including furniture meant for your gaming rooms. We have listed for you some of the best convertible pool table designs which are not meant to sit idle even when you are not organizing a pool tournament at your home. The creative pool tables can be used in many ways such as dining table, center table, office table etc. So, here is a list of such creative and unusual pool table designs that make the game of billiards even more exciting.

1. Koralturk’s Luxury Gold Pool Table

If you are a luxury lover and want a lavish pool table in your living room, then nothing can beat Koralturk’s Luxury Gold pool table. Flap Table Luxury Gold table can be turned into a fulsome royal dining table that is from a Turkish furniture maker Koralturk. The table is made of real gold leaves and can is billiard table when you uncover it. This pool/dining table is with high-quality MDF, and is equipped with adjustable balancing systems.

2. Nottage Multi-Gaming Table

Australia-based company Nottage has creatively developed convertible gaming table that can be used in paying pool as well as ping-pong. The pool table has a glass top whereas the ping-pong table is made of a wooden top. A slide of the upper top and the useful ping-pong table turns into a proficient pool table. The table can be customized in various finishing color and fabrics like brown twin-pack painted or black bodied, and hardwood opaque or transparent glass top. This table also has the unique rubber binding for enhanced shield.

3. Chevillotte hidden Pool Table

This convertible pool table can be used as an elegant center table as well as for the game of billiards. Designed by Bernard Moise, this design is one of the bests of many Chevillotte designs. The table weighs 660lbs and is made from steel and composite materials. The elegant finish is done by aluminum that makes it a perfect part of your luxurious décor.

4. Fusion Table

Time is changing, things get hazy, and “fusion” has turn out to be more than just a notion. This piece of furniture can be used as a dining tables as well as pool table hence the name Fusion table. The table reveals a billiard (pool) table when you slide away the plank covering it and slide the plank back on, and you have your dining table back again. The billiard balls and all can be kept beneath the plank when you use it as a table.

5. James Perse limited Edition Pool Table

Designer James Perse has released a table tennis table in the past that is delightfully sitting at many people’s gaming room. Once again the designer has rolled out a multipurpose pool/dining table. The table is made of eco-friendly solid teak that is used to convert the pool table in a lavish dining table or a conference table. The table is accessorized with the matching wood triangle and diamond racks. The price of the table can be known on request.

Snooker World Cup

The Snooker World Cup 1985 was held at Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth, Dorset, England. The last edition of the mega event was organised at Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, in 1996. It is scheduled according to the round-robin algorithm, also called all-play-all, in which each member of a team meets with equivalent member of the other team and their individual performance in a match affects the overall result.

The World Cup 2011 will feature 20 two-man teams representing 19 countries from around the world. The criteria of selecting players has not been finalised yet. Thailand is staging the Snooker World Cup as a part of their King’s 84th birthday celebrations. The total prize money for the winning team is $700,000 (21 million baht).

The Snooker World Cup was created by Mike Watterson, a businessman, entrepreneur and snooker commentator in 1997. Mike is the one who organised the first UK championship and also brought World Snooker Championship to the Crucible.

World cup was an annual event featuring three-man teams representing their country until 1996. It changed into a four-man team event in 1999 and 2000 with the name, ‘the Nations Cup’. However, in 2001, it was re-changed into a three-man team contest. It is the one and only ‘team event’ in the game of snooker.

MaXimumbreak Snooker

MaXimumbreak Snooker is a flexible and proactive organization that is in continual development. Our aims are to simply to teach and improve snooker ability and to accelerate the learning process. In achieving our aims, we will develop grassroots snooker to a new level and have a say in how snooker at the higher levels is being promoted. Over the six years since inception, MaXimumbreak has developed a database of over 10,000 members around the world.

MaXimumbreak was founded by David Weller in early 2003. An avid enthusiast and a top amateur snooker player, Dave learned the basics of web design and development after becoming homebound due to a serious leg injury suffered in an earlier road traffic accident. Dave quickly developed a content rich site that began to attract interest from around the world so much so that by the end of 2003, there were over 300 subscribers.

At MaXimumbreak, we realize that snooker and cuesports development is not possible without a proactive approach to networking and relationship building. We have spend lots of time interacting with the many hundreds of organisations with similar intentions to ours in an effort to discover opportunities for cross promotion or partnering on micro projects. Yes, we do get many negatives, which is unfortunate, but we are most grateful of the relationships we have built with, what we feel, are companies with the same vision as ours. The myth that snooker is dying is one that we do not believe in – we shall continue to work together to develop the beautiful game.

The World Cup Of Pool In Manila

GERMANY became the first ever European winners of the World Cup of Pool as they made light work of shock finalists Thailand to record a superb 10-4 victory and claim the gold medals, trophy, $60,000 and more importantly the title at the SM Mall North in Manila.

Thorsten Hohmann and Ralf Souquet put in an inch perfect performance to run away with the match in sharp contrast to their semi-final game earlier in the day when they laboured to a pedestrian win over Korea.

They clearly gave themselves a good talking to between matches as they returned with the type of form that has made them two of the most feared players in the world. For Souquet it was a culmination of a magnificent seven days that saw him win the World Pool Masters last Monday and his total haul for the two events has been $50,000.