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Predator Snooker Cue

* Model: (L-R) SKIK-1, SKP3W, SKP3B

* Wrap: Wrapless

* Joint: Uniloc

* Weight: Uniloc Weight System

* Shaft: Maple 314-2 SnKR Low Deflection Shaft

* Tip: Elkmaster

* Tip Size: 10mm

* Ferrule: Special Ferrule

* Others: Matching Butt Extension

The price : Contact Us

Predator High Performance Cue Tip

This special order add-on allows you to upgrade your new Predator Cue to one of the most popular cue tips on the market, tested by top professionals. Take it from the experts, Predator's Victory High Performance Cue Tip is the best on the market. With 8 layers of top quality leather compressed together, this tip will maintain optimum compression for the entire life of the tip. The high contrast color also allows for better sighting and shaping in low light environments. Available in soft, medium and hard.

The price :

700 Baht - Available in stock at Thailand Billiard Shop

Balance Rite Extension System

Our store offers one of the largest selections of pool cue extensions for all cues. We offer the best extensions for hand made snooker cues and on request can identify the best cue extension for your snooker cue. surely helps you get it at great price and friendly services!

The all new Balance Rite Extension System. This is the perfect extension for almost any cue and any type of pool player.. no matter if you're short, tall, an A player or a D player, this Balance Rite System is the perfect product for you. It comes in 5 popular joint sizes and stays connected to your cue all the time while you shoot.

1700 Baht - Available in stock at Thailand Billiard Shop

Dinning Pool Table

Coming soon convertible dinning pool table.

The price :

6 foot is 64,500 Baht
7 foot is 74,500 Baht.