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Re-Seller Billiard Products, Partnership, Pool Cue Dealer

Welcome to! For purpose expanding our billiard products business, we release partnership/re-seller licence in billiard business. Be our re-seller partner, you will have factory direct price and big discount on each product including pool cues, billiard accessories, pool & snooker table and gift billiard.

Do you own or work for a business that is interested in reselling Thailand Billiard's quality products? If so, please contact Thailand Billiards at "Contact Us" page or emailing directly us. Please make sure to send emails from your email address.


We are expanding our billiard products business. Becoming our re-seller partner, you will have our factory direct price on each product. Here is the list of our best-seller products in many years:


Pool Cues

Thailand Billiard is the main pool cue dealer in Bangkok, Thailand. We’re supplying: Predator, Viking, Rhino, Lucasi, Kaiser, Joss, JC, Falcon, McDermott, Panther, Players, Poison.


Billiard Accessories

We supply all billiard accessories for pool and snooker. Our products: table cloth, glove, tips, chalk, billiard clothing, cue cases, rubber wrap.


Pool and Snooker Table

We currently provide billiard table for pool and snooker. Our brands:

  1. Alieex Pool Table
  2. Wiraka Pool/Snooker Table
  3. Soverign Pool Table (CONVERTIBLE POOL TABLE)



New Products

Turning Point Dolls – a custom doll for billiard. Come with set of 10 ball numbers. Great gift for your friends!


Cue Air Brush – customize design your cue by air brushing. Each cue is unique design.