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Balabushka Chalk

Sell for 250 Baht.

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Aileex Pool Table


* SIZE: 9ft
  - Outside specification 290x164x80(cm)
  - Inside specification 254x127(cm)

* SIZE: 8ft
  - Outside specification 260.5cmX148.8cmX80(CM)
  - Inside specification 223.5CMX111.8(CM)

Aileex Pool Table Aileex Pool Table

Professional Aileex pool table for sale

100,000 baht for brand new table

Taiwan's Good Quality Used Pool Table

  • 9ft. good quality used table imported from Taiwan with ball return rail.
    The table is 50,000 baht.
  • For the table cloth:
    - Taiwan's cloth is 3,000 baht. Better quality cloth, Simonis cloth 7,000 baht.
  • Deliver and install service is up to 4,000-8,000 baht due to the location.
  • For rent:
    - 15,000 baht for setup cost include 2 month deposit [First and Last month]
    - 3,500 baht / month for rent, 1 Year contract

Thailand Used 9ft Pool Table For Sale



Key Benefits

  • High-Tech techniques to make these Decal cues look and play like a real inlay cue costs hundreds to thousands dollars. Come with maple shaft installed with  water buffalo tip or layer tip, linen wrap.
  • Lowest price guarantee for these high quality cues. 


Pricing: Only 1,000 baht for wholesale customer


Balabushka Performance Chalk

250 Baht - Available in stock at Thailand Billiard Shop